Call for abstracts

The contents of the meeting including abstracts are not open to the public, and we welcome unpublished data. Participants are not allowed to record video or take photos/screenshots, however, it is not possible to prevent recordings on online meetings. Presenters need to take extra care to show unpublished data at their own discretion.

Please follow the language rules! The comments about the language rules are summarized at the end.

★Oral presentations

Presentations are supposed be within 12 min (+ 3 min (category 1&2) / + 5 min (category 3&4) for Q&A session). Presentations shorter than 12 min are also welcome!

When we receive more applications than planned, we prioritize the presenters in the categories below for selection, though everyone is welcome to apply. Please fill in the registration form and submit an abstract on provided form (1 page of A4/Letter)(Abstract Submission:

  • Category 1: Students (undergrads,graduate students, etc)

    (Oral Presentation Prize will be awarded by votes from audience)

  • Category 2: Researchers starting nematode work within the past 5 years

    (Presenters who started to study nematodes recently, no matter how long their research experiences are. In case thereʼs few in this category, category 1 and 2 will be combined.)

  • Category 3: Technology Workshop

    (Provide success/failure experiences on new techniques such as CRISPR and optogenetics. Please fill in the “comment” of registration form if you have somebody to nominate and/or suggestions on topics.)

  • Category 4: PI chicks

    (Young PIs within several years of establishing their labs, or near-future PIs such as postdocs/assistant professors/associate professors. Talks on their research, research plans and dream stories are welcome. Next Leader Prize will be awarded by votes from audience)

Language Rules (J: Japanese, E: English)





Category 1

J (with E) or E

J or E

J or E




J or E

★Poster presentations

No selection for poster presentation. Please fill in the registration form. Presenters are also welcome to present both oral and poster presentations. We appreciate if PIs could please present their posters. Poster Prize will be awarded for selected studentsʼ posters. The presentation guideline will be provided later.

Language Rule

Please make your poster all in English. In case youʼd like make your poster in Japanese, please provide the title and an abstract in English on your poster.


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