Call for abstracts

In principle the abstracts will not be made available outside of the meeting, so you can safely present your unpublished data. There are some rules about the languages used for presentation, so please have a look at the opinion of the organizers .

★Oral presentations

We can accommodate about 24 oral presentations, mainly from the following 3 categories, but we welcome applications that do not fit in these categories as well. In case of too many applications, we will select among them, so please make sure to fill in the participation Google form and send the filled-in abstract form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Category 1: For anyone with less than 5 years of experience with C. elegans (e.g. students who have just begun their C. elegans experiments, or otherwise experienced researchers who have recently started to work with C. elegans)
  • Category 2: Technical workshop (Examples of success (or failure) in introducing a new experimental technique, e.g. CRISPR, optogenetics etc. If you have any other ideas for a presentation topic, please indicate it in the comment section).
  • Category 3: PI’s fledgling ideas (Presentation of research topic, vision, research dreams etc. by newly-minted PIs, postdocs and assistant-professors. “Next leader prize” will be awarded by popular vote).

Presentation language





Category 1

Jp/En or En

Jp or En

Jp or En

Category 2



Jp or En

Category 3



Jp or En

★Poster presentations

We will accommodate all willing to present a poster. Presenters, please fill in the Form. We ask all oral presenters to also present a poster, and all PIs are also kindly asked to present a poster. Poster presentations by PIs will be during a time slot different from the time for the general posters. Posters presented by students are eligible for the Best poster award.

Language used

Please, use English wherever possible, especially the title. If you decide to use Japanese, please provide the title in both English and Japanese, and write the abstract in English.

Poster size: 115 cm (W) X 152 cm (H)

Participation fee


For the welcome party we will collect some amount (3000~5000 yen for staffs and 1000 yen for students). Alcohol donations are welcome and will be proudly announced at the party.


Please fill in the following Google Form:


  • Participation application: 21st Jul, 2019
  • Abstracts for oral presentations (fill in the participation Google form and send the abstract form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.): 14th Jul, 2019
  • Poster presentation (indicate just the title, no need to submit an abstract): 21st July, 2019