Future of the nematodes studies 2022

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We here announce the “Future of the nematodes studies,” which aims to activate the Japanese nematode research field by providing young researchers opportunities to present and communicate, lacking in international conferences. All participants, from students to PIs, can interact frankly in the meeting.

Previous meetings were held at NIG (2018) and Nagoya University (2019), and both were very successful. 2020 could not be held due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but last year in 2021, the meeting was held online, and we had a lively discussion taking advantage of the ability to meet online.

4th meeting will be held online. The slogan is "Connecting Nematode Researchers: Let's Have a Frank Discussion." Besides the oral, poster, and reception sessions, we are planning lightning talk sessions by students and roundtable discussions and consultation sessions where students and researchers can casually discuss with each other. Let's have a heated debate beyond regional and national borders!




2022.8.29 (Mon) 10:00 – 8.30 (Tue) 17:00  (approx.)


Oral/Discussion sessions: Zoom, Poster/Reception sessions: Remo




2022.7.29 (Fri)



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* Leaders meeting is scheduled on Zoom for 16:00–17:00 on 8/30. In addition to PIs, anyone who leads research projects, such as postdocs and assistant/associate professors, is welcome to attend and discuss the future of the nematode research field. Please indicate your participation on the registration form.