Future of the nematodes studies 2023

In the page of call for abstruct, you can find link of google form

that is available for registration and abstract submission.


Presentation guideline 

As this is a closed meeting and abstracts will not be open to the public, we welcome unpublished data.

We welcome presentations in either English or Japanese.

(We recommend that abstracts, slides, and posters be written in English and Japanese.)


Oral Presentation

The following categories are given priority for presentation. (Presentations other than those listed below are also welcome.)

Please fill in the registration form and submit an abstract (1 page of the A4 sheet) in the designated format. If there are too many applicants, the abstract will be peer-reviewed by the program coordinators.

Deadline: 2023.7.14 (Fri)  (recommended)

Presentations are supposed to be within 12 min (+ 5 min Q&A session).

Category 1


(Undergraduate and graduate students, etc. The “Oral Presentation Award” will be given as voted by the audience.)

Category 2, 3


(Non-student researchers.)

2. Worm beginners (within 5 years)

3. Workshop for technology introduction

Category 4

PI chicks

(Young PIs within several years of establishing their labs, or near-future PIs such as postdocs and assistant/associate professors. The “Next Leader Award” will be given as voted by the audience.)


Poster Presentation

All applicants are welcome to present. (It is also possible to apply for both oral and poster presentations.) Please fill in the registration form.

Those who wish to present a Flash talk (1 minute) must submit a visual abstract. Flash talk and visual abstract are required for those who wish to あapply a poster award. If there are too many applicants for the Flash Talk, we will be given to those who apply the Poster Award.

Submission of visual abstract is optional for those who do not wish to present a Flash talk.

visual abstract format: 1MB or less PDF or JPEG 1200x1200px, resolution will be adjusted if necessary

To nFuture2023 Poster Presenters,
Posters should be vertical, no longer than 90 cm (width) and 160 cm (height).
The poster board is 90 cm (W) x 180 cm (H).